The initiation of the project was caused by the apparent lack and inaccessibility of information about Georgian contemporary art, which implies the need of its contextualization and organization.

Since the 80s, the Georgian art scene has created artifacts in various forms of media, which were novel to the social reality and circumstances of the respective time, but did not trigger any adequate analyses of these impulses. The political and economical conditions of the 90s, which marked the aftermath of the Soviet breakdown, complicated actions directed towards the direction of categorization and preservation as well.

Today, the neccessity of an archive, which is reminiscent and serves the mediation of knowledge of the beginning and development of Georgian video art, is unequivocal. Furthermore, it is the preliminary step towards a rethinking of the latter. With time passing by, the risk of these artifacts falling into oblivion or into irrelevance is steadily increasing, which is why „Active for Culture“ initiated the creation of a Georgian video art archive.

This project is the first step towards contextualization of the respective material, which is crucial for the clarification of what we should call Georgian art history, which stages it has undergone, and ultimately, how it has shaped our cultural identity.

The conduction of comprehensive research about Georgian moving image and video art as well as the setup of an archive including this artifacts can be considered the first stage of the project. On the one hand, this is due to the dominance of video art in the field of contemporary art and its evident feature of visualizing social and historical discourses, on the other hand, the financial as well as material resources currently limit us to this stage.

Future plans include the constant update and further development of the online archive, the selection of video artifacts and their exhibition in various corners of the world, and the preparation and print of a publication about Georgian video art.

The initiation of this project was made possible through the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

All rights of the videos collected in the archive are reserved, and their reproduction, redistribution, display or any other kind of usage is prohibited without the written consent of the owner.

The project is realized by the independent platform "Active for Culture", whose members are Aleksi Soselia, Galaqtion Eristavi, Giorgi Spanderashvili and Tata Muskhelishvili.